2 Race Around The Globe

We are a young metropolitan couple from next door and will participate in the Globe40.

2 Race Around The Globe

We are a young metropolitan couple from next door and will participate in the Globe40.


Dear friends, family and supporters, 

We wish you a happy, healthy and successful new year and a great start in 2022. 

Behind us are not only two years of preparation for the Globe40, but also new friends, adventures, setbacks, new experiences and successes. 

We were deeply touched by the great helpfulness of the sailing community.


Thank you for your support and believing in us and our dream.


We were close to realizing our dream. But everything has its price. We did not find suitable sponsors who were willing to pay this price or who were able to use our project economically. With heavy hearts we now give up this project. But not the dream of sailing around the globe in a sportive way.

The last two years were a great experience for us, for which we are very grateful.


Berlin, 08.01.2022

Steffen & Julie


2 Race Around The Globe

We, the team: Julie and Steffen, are amateurs and want to participate in the first “Globe40 – la Grande Route” event. This sailing regatta leads within nine months and eight stages once around the world – and that in a very sportive way against professional sailors.

We swap: 

suits for oilskin 

apartment for a nutshell 

makeup for salt crust 

time schedule for log book

computer screen for horizon 

The Race


Globe40 - la Grande Route

30.000 nautical miles in 9 months

Start: 26 June 2022

Finish: Mid-March 2023

Website Globe40 

Globe40 - the journey

8 Legs

Leg 1: Tangier (Morocco) – Sao Vicente (Cape Verde)

Leg 2: Sao Vicente (Cape Verde) – Mauritius (East Africa)

Leg 3: Mauritius (East Africa) – Auckland (New Zealand)

Leg 4: Auckland (New Zealand) – Papeete (Tahiti)

Leg 5: Papeete (Tahiti) – Ushuaia (Argentina)

Leg 6: Ushuaia (Argentina) – Recife (Brazil)

Leg 7: Recife (Brazil) – Grenada (Caribbean)

Leg 8: Grenada (Caribbean) – Lisbon (Portugal)

About us

The Team


Adventurer and Initiator

Until recently, Julie was a civil servant in a federal ministry, which is quite a contrast to her love of adventure – as long as she can think, she has been looking for new adventures. Julie grew up in the Thuringian Forest and has already had one or other adventures there with friends and the neighbor’s dog. While still in high school, she moves out of her parents’ house and wants to stand on her own feet. She wants to become a jet-pilot and finally studies business administration in Jena. During this time, she intensively cares for her mother, who needs care because of cancer. Her mother suffers from schizophrenia because of a brain tumor. Her studies come off badly, so that after the intensive time of caring, she studies business administration again, this time as a dual curriculum in Berlin at Allianz AG, and successfully finishes it.

After kickboxing, ballet, fencing and wind tunnel flying and also some time in insurance sales, she switches to the public service and discovers sailing together with Steffen as the new great adventure. First vacation trips in Greece and the Baltic Sea are followed by participation in the 24 Uurs Zeilrace as a crew-sailor on a Class40. More than 400 boats were registered, but many abandon the race or did not reach the finishing line. Despite constant rain, hours of thunderstorms and icy temperatures in August they arrive at the port of destination and both want to get back on such a high-performance boat as soon as possible. Quickly the decision is made out of the dream – once around the world in a sailing boat – but not on a cruiser tour – there is still time for that later as well, but very sporty with a Class40 in a regatta.


Enterprising Strategist

Steffen was born in Weimar in 1987 like Julie was. Just before school enrolment, his family moved to Halle (Saale), where he started school in 1994. Steffen has always been a sports enthusiast, played basketball, and celebrated successes in the junior wild-water canoe slalom. But he wants to get things started, create new things, achieve the maximum for everyone: parties, school festivals, school trips…  Before leaving school, he got involved in youth projects of the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (German Children and Youth Foundation) and the Deutsche Bank Foundation and became deputy pupils’ representative. Steffen is passionate about his ideas and quickly becomes enthusiastic about those of others. Despite the absences from school – due to his engagement – he successfully passes his A-levels. Impossible – does not exist for him, everything is attainable.

After school, he completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at Daimler and then studied business administration in Jena. Here he meets Julie. A short time later he follows her to Berlin – their chosen hometown – where they marry 6 years later. After starting his career in auditing, he took a management job at a leading internet router manufacturer and then became CFO of an innovative company for passenger transportation. Everything works as desired!? One professional challenge after the other is sought and mastered, but the big adventure is still missing. So, the decision is quickly made when the Globe40 has been announced. Questions are meticulously noted down, risks analyzed, professional sailors consulted, budgets calculated… it takes almost a year until it is clear – that the dream of a sailing race around the world is realizable for the two big-city amateurs.

Our Milestones



Different sailing licences for Germany and offshore


First time on a Class40 – Pogo40 (24Urs Zeilrace)


Announcement of the Globe40 – a dream was born


Contact with professional sailors and the event manager

July 2020

Sea Survival Training

August 2020

First sailing training (with Adrian Bleninger)

July 2021

First Aid Medical Training

October 2021

Planned participation at the Middle Sea Race

until 1. March 2022

1.500 nautical miles as a qualification (paticipation requirement)

Intensive training

26. June 2022

Start of the race

Our Dream 

Have you ever had a dream that seemed unattainable, fought for it and then actually made it come true? 

We have a dream, the biggest dream of our lives so far: to sail around the world and that very quickly in a challenging regatta – the Globe40. We want to start together as a couple into an unforgettable adventure, to carry the world along and inspire to dare something new. And for a good purpose – education on the disease schizophrenia. We are not the unreachable professional athletes, but the young metropolitan couple from next door.

Our lifetime Goal: double-handed around the world!  

We are looking for sponsors for our ambitious project. Besides the enormous international reach of the Globe40, the benefits for the main sponsors are extremely diverse: social media content, advertising space on the boat, sails and clothing up to supporting research projects. We also can imagine that employees or business partners are enthusiastic about sailing trips at the stopovers – they are fantastic places.

Our Mission 

Our goal is to successfully participate in the sailing race Globe40 as amateurs and use the media attention for a good purpose.

We want to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nation by encouraging our supporters to engage for the SDGs.

As part of the SDGs, we will be drawing attention to an issue that is close to our personal hearts:

Living with Schizophrenia.

Many people have in the case of schizophrenia only “Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde” in their minds, but the disease is much more complex and also represents an enormous burden for the environment. Especially because the general public has a lack of knowledge about the disease.

Julie herself spent several years caring for her mother, who suffers from this disease due to a brain tumor. She would have liked more support and education at that time.

And that is exactly what we want to do:

Educating the society benefits those with the disease, their families, and the advancement of treatment options.

This promotes two of the SDGs.


What are the SDGs?

17 Goals to Transform Our World: “The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection. More important than ever, the goals provide a critical framework for COVID-19 recovery.” (Source: UN, 07.02.21, https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/)

Support us

To support us and our ambitious project


If you are interested in supporting us, please contact us.

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Our Progress

Latest Posts


Our Vision and our Mission

Class40 & NCR

Taking a look on a Class40 and see the start of the Normandy Channel Race 2020

First Training

On the Baltic Sea in August 2020

After lots of interesting and enthusiatsic talks with professional sailors and our key question: “Are we are able to do it – this ambitious project – as totally beginners and amateurs?” – we had our first training in Rostock, Germany with a brand new Dehler 30od (Crazyboats). For sure no Class40, but in the time of Corona better than nothing. This was such a great experience – we really liked this kind of boat.

Our trainer, Adrian Bleninger, was recommended by the event manager of the Globe40, Manfred Ramspacher. Adrian wanted to sail the Globe40 by himself, but he postponed it. It totaly fits with Adrian. He showed us a lot maneuvres – as you see in our video.

The weather was great – but not as we wished for sailing: no rough conditions that we can learn with a lot of stress.

Soon will be the next training…

The Beginning

Join our adventure!

Countdown Globe40